Hoping to open a FODMAPS cafe one day with delicious food that people with intolerances, like me, can actually eat!

Country Life Bakery bread - absolutely delicious!

Finding yummy gluten free bread can be difficult, but I have found a brand that is fantastic!

Country Life Bakery bread is stocked at my local Coles supermarket and they have recently introduced a new and improved recipe. I quite liked it before, but the new bread is amazing!

The crust is nice and crispy (when toasted) and it’s not as ‘heavy’ as it was previously. I’ve been eating the multi-grain flavour, but I’m sure the white bread and the others are just as nice.


Comments on: "Country Life Bakery bread – absolutely delicious!" (13)

  1. I went to the Gluten free expo on Friday night in Sydney. My aim was to find some gluten free bread that did not fall apart when making a sandwich, was larger than the size of the palm of my hand and tasted good! Country life were giving away free samples and I was so impressed! It ticked all the boxes! I purchased the white bread (which is great) and the multi grain! Even my non-gluten free- family members liked the taste! I will be sure to add this to the regular shopping list from now on!

  2. Sonia said:

    Hi, I’m also lactose and fructose intolerant. Although this bread is yum and gluten free it is NOT fructose free. Fructose comes from wheat as does gluten. Although they have removed the gluten, the wheat is still there. Try dovedale rice chia bread. It’s really nice toasted and taste like crumpets ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Sonia,
      I was not aware that this contains fructose! But the interesting thing is, I don’t seem to react to it (and I’m fructose intolerant) so it must be a very small amount that my body is able to process. Thanks for the tip about Dovedale – I’ll give it a go!

  3. Sonia said:

    I love it am finally able to eat fresh sandwiches again

    • Sonia M said:

      Didn’t realise there was another Sonia who had already responded! I have just liked on the ingredients, I can’t find wheat? Is our called something else?

    • I know! And it’s great when I order gluten free bread at cafes and realised that they’ve joined the Country Life bandwagon as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi, I’ve got the pack in front of me, but I can’t see where this product contains wheat at all? Just thought that was worth a mention.

    • I’ve just had a quick look and it doesn’t mention wheat. So I’m assuming that it doesn’t! But if you have an allergy to wheat, it might be best to ask your healthcare professional.

  5. I find it frustrating that there are no ingredients on this bread and hard to find them on the web?

    I am Fructose intolerant , but my daughter is egg and this seems to be an ingredient..

    • There are definitely ingredients mentioned on this bread and yes, I saw that it mentions egg. Doesn’t say anything about fructose. Guess the only way to find out if this product is okay for you is to try it for yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Roxanne said:

        The ingredients list sugar. Being new to the fructose malabsorbtion deal I am a bit of a rookie, but I would be wary of anything that states sugar but does not specify what kind. Although I could be wrong, as I said Rookie.

      • I have no issues with this bread and my Dietitian recommended it to me. But it may affect some people more than others.

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