Hoping to open a FODMAPS cafe one day with delicious food that people with intolerances, like me, can actually eat!

Happy new year!

Hello fellow low-FODMAPPERS!

Welcome to 2015. Hopefully it’s a year filled with happy, non-bloated tummies! One of my resolutions for the new year is to place more focus on this blog and expand my range of recipes for you to try out. There’s a couple that I have played around with a few times but haven’t yet uploaded here – but I’ll get onto that very soon.

However, to kick off the new year I wanted to get some input from you, my followers, in regards to what kind of recipes you are looking for. Are you after main meals to cook for your family and/or guests? Entrées, desserts, or snacks? I know that my sauce post has been particularly popular – would you like more sauce inspiration? Or is there anything else? Please comment below and let me know!

I’ve been on the low-FODMAPs diet for a while now and I’m lucky that I have family and friends who try to cater for me where possible. But if anyone you know is struggling, feel free to point them in the direction of this blog. Cooking without gluten, lactose, onion or garlic etc IS possible!

Speak soon,


Comments on: "Happy new year!" (2)

  1. Hi leanne,  Happy new year to you too.  How is your fodmaps free journey going? Have you made any progress with reintroducing foods that you were sensitive to? Literature suggests that this is a temporary solution only but I have been working with the same restrictions for 3 years now. I havent given up though. Still a work in progress.

    Regards Sandra


    • Hi Sandra,

      Great to hear from you! I often bend the rules here and there when it comes to gluten, lactose, onion and garlic. Sometimes it’s intentional – like when I crave a croissant or pancakes or ICE CREAM – and other times it’s unintentional when eating out at restaurants etc and I’m not 100% certain of the ingredients.

      Sometimes my body doesn’t react at all – but other times I get cramps and bloated etc. It really comes down to how much I bend the rules. I can have a bit at times, just not all the time. It can be a bit like playing Russian Roulette! So it doesn’t seem that my tolerance levels have changed much… although I wish they did!


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