Hoping to open a FODMAPS cafe one day with delicious food that people with intolerances, like me, can actually eat!

About the Blogger

I’m a Sydney woman in my mid-20’s who is currently on the low-FODMAPS diet.

Dealing with food intolerances can be painful (pardon the pun) but it has inspired me to open my own FODMAPS cafe one day – so that people like me can walk in, sit down and know that they can eat everything on the menu. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice? No more plain salads and steaks and worrying if the cook slipped in some unannounced garlic or onion!

I know that establishing a business can be a process, so I’ve started with the basics. I’ve initiated this blog and a new Twitter accountΒ to build up a following and gain advice. I am also trialling new recipes. Β My dietician said she’ll endorse me and I’m starting to think of potential locations to open the shop front. But I’ve got a long way to go yet!

Advice and recipes are very welcome! πŸ™‚


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  1. Amanda said:

    hey! just stumbled on your blog. I’m a low-FODMAPper too πŸ™‚ all the best!

  2. Hi FODMAP_Cafe….. I have a 100% gluten free… FODMAP safe cafe/Restaurant in Melbourne…. like you I am FODMAP/Gluten and it was my passion. I wish you all the best!
    intolerantly yours
    Tim – Fox in the box

    • Hi Tim,
      Yes, I’ve heard about your cafe! You’ll have to give me some tips. Did you purchase an already existing cafe and made it FODMAPS friendly or did you start from scratch? I’ll have to track you down next time I’m in Melbourne!

  3. Glenda said:

    Just found this site, as of today I am also seriously testing the Fodmap eating plan, I will go to the library for recipe books. Found the Monash uni Fodmap app for ipad and that has been so interesting with the traffic light selections in the food groups. I’m going on a 13 day cruise in March so wanting my gas making gut to settle down πŸ™‚ cheers

    • All the best with it Glenda! I think I’ll have to download this Monash FODMAP app – I’ve actually read a couple of articles about it.
      The app will probably be very handy on the cruise – especially when you have limited choice in where you go to eat. Let me know how you go!

  4. Jillian said:

    HI there

    just wondering if the massel stock you recommend is 100% certified no onion or garlic? I can’t find any info about it on their website and the ingredients list ‘flavours’ which is often a code name for onion and garlic. It’s so hard to find stock I can be confidant doesn’t have onion or garlic in it.

    thanks appreciate your help

    • The Massel salt reduced chicken stock doesn’t list any onion and garlic, but I’m not 100% sure that they aren’t some of the herbs added to the ingredients. However, I don’t seem to react too much from it – so it must be a minimal amount if it does!

    • You probably know by now that Massell’s 7 cubes are the ones to use – according to Sue Shephard dietician.

  5. Glad to find this site! I am beginning the FODMAP diet due to IBS, so I’m so glad to have this blog for information and support! I just downloaded the Monash U app for my iphone, and it seems to be helpful so far. I’m worried about cooking and finding recipes so I love to see yours here!

    • Hi Carol. You’ll feel so much better after following this diet. It’s changed my life! I have also downloaded that App – will write up a review on here when I get the chance. πŸ™‚ Glad my recipes can be of assistance!

  6. Carol-Ann said:

    Hi, pleased to have found this, specialist told me yesterday to start FODMAP diet, Im looking forward to a new me πŸ™‚ – Tim where is your cafΓ©, will visit when in Melbourne

    • You’ll be so much happier on the low FODMAPs diet Carol-Ann! Let me know how you go. Fox in the Box is located in Brighton, Melbourne. I need to check it out myself sometime!

  7. hi Carol-Ann
    yes we are in Brighton at 169 Martin Street… 0395960133.
    We are FODMAP safe and gluten free amongst other things and intolerances.
    Hope to see you soon!
    intolerantly yours

  8. “Great minds think alike!” I just stumbled across your page after having the same idea about this in Sydney… I went to Melbourne on the weekend and dined at Red Robyn Cafe in Camberwell ( http://redrobyn.com.au/ ) . I was inspired!…. I wonder how much effort it would take to create something like this in Sydney…. get in touch with me and we could start a conversation : )

    • I think I need to head to Melbourne to check out these restaurants! With my bub due in 6 weeks, it might be a while until I get there though.
      Happy to chat about the idea. My email is leanne.shelton@hotmail.com. Might be able to do more research into it while on maternity leave. πŸ™‚

  9. JStar said:

    Hey Leanne,

    Thank you for creating this blog. Can you please provide a short info about foods that contain fructans and or galactans? Is this the same as gluten? I’m a little bit confused.


  10. Julie Robbins said:

    Hi, I have just found your blog and saw the initial date as 2012 and wondered how your dream was going? oh please do continue on the dream and open a cafe for low fodmap followers. The central coast would be a good place to start….that’s so i can eat there often. I’m about to start seeing a dietician due to problems with weight gain and difficulty losing it.
    How can I get back to your site to keep following you? Thanks, Julie

    • Hi Julie. My cafe dream is currently on hold – being a new mum and all – but I definitely intend on getting a cookbook together over the next year or two. Just need to keep building up my recipes! The cafe may not happen for a number of years, but if I can at least help people via my blog in the meantime, then at least I’m making somewhat of a difference to people’s lives!

  11. Hello, I just found out that I needed to start the FodMaps diet plan. So today I went to the store to start shopping for the foods on the list. I just came across your website and was excited to see your ideas. So if you any great tips please let me know.

    • Hi Jen. Welcome to the low-FODMAPS club! In terms of shopping, I’d say check out the gluten free items in your supermarket (not sure about yours, but my local supermarket now has half an aisle dedicated to gluten free stuff!) but be wary of the fructose content in museli bars/cereals and onion/garlic in sauces. Best to make sauces from scratch on your own – check out my various sauce recipes. I buy a lot of fresh vegetables and grapes, strawberries, blueberries and mandarins to snack on. Let me know if there’s anything else in particular that you need help with at the market! πŸ™‚

  12. sarah said:

    Hi Fodmap cafe! I too am a Sydney Fodmap-per! So fabulous to stumble on to your blog! It’s been 2 long years, but with a really bad flare up lately I’ve become really restricted! As a vegetarian the struggle is even harder! Would love to visit your cafe one day! Soy chai lattes? πŸ˜‰

    • hi Sarah – oh, how great are soy chai lattes!? Great to hear that the low-FODMAP diet is working for you. It sucks at times but it’s so worth it!

  13. Jenna said:

    Do you have an instagram account? Jenna πŸ™‚

  14. Best of luck with it all. I really wish there were some places to go and options here in England. It’s great to know that things are moving forward and it’s being recognised more in Australia by producers and restaurants.

    • Yes, Abi. It’s fantastic that I can now see ‘gluten free’ everywhere on menus when I go out! But there’s still a lot of onion and garlic unfortunately… That’s the next step!

  15. Gutsy Broad said:

    So excited to see your site! Once you get set up with a chain of FODMAP friendly cafes in Australia, come over to Canada and start some up here!

    • Thanks Gutsy. I’m heading in a different business direction now (focusing on marketing) while kids are on the scene, but I’m still hoping to make the cafe a reality one day when they’re older!

  16. Hi there. Just stumbled upon this blog. Thank you! My question is where to eat in Sydney???? So difficult in the city!

    • Hi Kate. Apologies for the delay. Hope you’re enjoying this blog! I agree that it’s hard eating out – hence the reason for my Cafe. I usually just get a steak and salad or indulge in gluten free options if available. Don’t know too many places in the city to be honest. But if you discover any, please let me know!

  17. Hi, great to find your blog (and the cafe sounds a brilliant idea, good luck!),
    Q….after 20 years of symptoms (especially severe bloating), it’s finally been suggested to me to try a low FODMAP diet. I’m not finding it hard (so far!!!), but my bloating is worse. Way worse! :0( Did your symptoms worsen at first too?

    • Hi Sally. Sorry for the delay in responding! I didn’t find that my bloating was worse at the beginning – maybe there’s still a particular food that you need to cut out. Are you still having issues now?

  18. Racheal said:

    Hi Leanne, great blog. I’m very excited to find it. I have recently had significant gastrigastric surgery due to surgery and have developed severe fodmap sensitivity. I think II was mildly sensitive before hand but just didn’t know it! Anyway my problem is I can only eat small amounts at a time due to very reduced stomach size and I have lost aa lot of weight. A fodmap diet is not easily high in calories and I am having a lot of difficulty putting on weight. Do you have any suggestions please. Thanks Racheal

    • Hi Rachael. Have you tried any gluten free pastas and rice? My favourite GF pasta is the San Remo brand – not sure if you have access to it, but it’s yum! Gluten free bread is also improving – my favourite is Country Life and the Helga’s brand isn’t too bad either. Actually, I also love the Coles GF fruit bread! (Even though there is dried fruit so it’s not great for those with fructose intolerances.) Hope that helps!

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