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Nearly finished this diet…or have I?

So this week I re-introduced cabbage. Oh how delightful! Ate the delicious cabbage with some gluten free soy sauce and worcestershire¬†sauce on Thursday night. It tasted quite nice going down, but three days later I’m still recovering from it.¬†I was meant to re-introduce it 2-3 times this week, but after my reaction from one day, I don’t think that’s necessary. I’ve been so very bloated…

The next and last step on my FODMAPS elimination diet is to give gluten a go. I’m hoping it goes smoothly because I would love to have burgers and wraps again when eating out. And move beyond the somewhat boring salads and steaks I’ve been forced to eat instead.

While on this diet, I’ve discovered that I’ve reacted to most things – apart from the Poloyol food groups (apricot, cauliflower etc). This is obviously very annoying because it means I will basically need to continue on this diet for a bit longer, if not indefinitely. Over the last few weeks, I’ve attempted to have small doses of lactose and been okay. But I if I attempt to eat ‘naughty’ foods two days in a row, even if it’s a small dose, I’ve found that I often react.

I’m seeing my dietician again this week and I know she will help me as much as possible. Apparently she can handle eating yoghurt everyday now and she has the same intolerances as me. I look forward to taking control again. And not constantly checking food labels. And not constantly saying no to onion and garlic. And not being the ‘difficult’ dinner guest.

In the meantime, I’ll keep sipping on my lemon and ginger tea and putting up with my inconvenient intolerances!

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